Bussiness activity

We are not an intermediate - We are an interface

Customer oriented Sales

Customer oriented Sales- Being set up with an aim to serve the largest regional Oil&Gas PSA operating companies we initially started as a trading company processing the inquires of the end-users and distributing them among the suppliers. Now we are an Official Contractor of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating for the Call-Off Contract "Supply of goods from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)”. The 60 manufacturers that are the subjects of the Contract significantly enhanced our accumulated portfolio. We are used to call this section of our business as “OEM Aggregator Section”.

Product oriented Sales

Product oriented Sales - Being entrusted by a number of worldwide known equipment manufactures and system integrators to represent them, we acknowledge our responsibility to generate sales figures for all of them. That means that we commit to take a role of a field agent guiding our partners through the entire sales process: identification and recognition of an opportunity, through technical clarifications and quoting to the closing of contract and delivery of goods. We provide the whole set of local services including localization of the documents, logistics, customs clearance, PtU and certification.


Nitrogen Generators


Valves & Valvecare


We ensure that we adhere to the laws, rules, regulations and other legally binding measures related to bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud or similar activities which are applicable to the business, together with the provisions of the Italian Decree 231 of 2001; United Kingdom Bribery Act of 2010; the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977.

ALF appointment Wrentools Certificate ASG distribution clarification lettern siemens Authorization letter ALFA SUPPLY Distribution clarification letter HVAG Refrigeration Engineering Letter of Authorization- Alfa Supply WIKA Partner letter ASG

Project oriented Sales

As a supplier to the end-users / huge customers like KPO, TCO, NCOC, Nostrum Oil&Gas, etc. we follow all the projects of revamping, extension and further development like KEP-1 (KPO), KGDBN (KPO), Compressor-4 (KPO), Water Treatment (NCOC), Kalamkas-Sea (NCOC Khazar field), NERP (TCO), etc. That means that we actively work presenting ourselves with our partners among the largest and the most reputable EPC contractors like Bonatti, SICIM, Renco, MSS, ISKER, CCC, etc.

A lot of worldwide known Engineering companies work in the country for decades and we look after their businesses. We work on pre-qualification with their procurement services, collect and process inquires with our suppliers. We offer our traditional values like certification, logistics as a part of Local Content commitment required by the Government.


In all our dealings we exercise the highest ethical standards and in doing so we undertake:

─ᅠ Not to pay any commissions, fees, or payments, or make any gifts, or provide any other types of inducements to any employees or officers or directors of a customer or affiliates of the customer;

─ᅠ Not to pay any commissions, fees, or payments, or make any gifts or provide any other types of inducements to Governmental Officers or Governmental Employees, of whatever nationality, in an attempt to influence the nature or performance of sales or any other activities;

─ᅠ Not to enter into any business arrangements with employees or officers or directors of a customer which may result in conflicts of interest between their private financial activities and their part in the conduct of our business;

─ᅠ Not to engage in any interest or activity which may be detrimental to the performance of our business or a customer’s overall best interests.

─ᅠ To abide by all laws, statutes, directives, regulations, international treaties and international conventions, which are applicable to the Republic of Kazakhstan, and which relate to good business practice and the elimination of fraud, corruption and dishonest business practices.